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Life Through Rose-Colored Glasses


Ever since I was a child, the thought of going to Paris occurred to me. I felt like I was the young Romanov, longing to see her grand-mama in that love-filled city. The Paris I saw in the movie, Anastasia, was vibrant and colorful. Because of that wonderful memory, I understood how people are very in love with Paris — it may be the pink skies, the magnificent Eiffel Tower, the freshly-baked baguettes, or just the rosy aroma that lingers across the street. Truly, Paris is the symbol of love and happiness.

College was difficult. I lost interest in almost everything. It was hard to find inspiration because even I was apathetic — dullness and boredom clouded my every way. Although things felt cold, I knew that a tiny fire – just a peck of light, was burning inside me and anytime soon, passion would crawl back into my body. It was then when I regain my positiveness when I stumbled upon the movie, Sabrina. It was a refreshing moment, a plot twist, a turning point. Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina inspired me to see life in rose-colored glasses. It was La Vie en Rose.


This is a story about a depressed young woman who went to Paris to attend a culinary school who then transformed into an attractive and sophisticated woman. And As I watched Audrey (Sabrina) write a letter to her father, I noticed two things: the city lights and the song La Vie en Rose. The city lights glowed in the background – a symbol of hope, and the song flowed around her room like a perfume, a sweetener, that gave her warmth and assurance — a symbol of optimism.

That movie is a metaphor to every person’s life who relates to it. It shares a beautiful reminder, that no matter how dark the world may seem to be, always see life through rose-colored glasses.

You may ask, “how does the color pink affect your way of thinking?”

Pink reminds me of a youthful past where worries are light as the morning air and smiles as thick as the dawning sky. It reminds me of a vintage glow — dreamy and nostalgic. It pours joy and sweetness in a feminine and most fragile way. Pink is the feeling of when you smell your freshly brewed coffee, an image of the bleeding sky seen from a poet’s point of view, a snow globe, a music box, a rainbow after the storm… and when I see life through it, everything feels better.

The moment I practiced positive-thinking, my life became an imagery of a breaking dawn — fresh, new, and wholesome. I am now hopeful and optimistic and I realized something different in me; I face my problems with courage and confidence. Maybe that’s what I gain for inhaling the meaningful life I’ve always dreamed of and exhaling the doubtful life that has always pinned me down. Though life may not always be pleasant, there is still the presence of hope that prompts me to see life in rose-colored glasses.

Art Collage
She sees the world through rose-colored glasses.


AB Literature, 2018

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